Sew Over It Erin Skirt: Why can’t I recognize love at first sight?

Earlier this year, I picked up the Sew Over It City Break e-book for exactly two reasons: the Molly Top/Dress and the Erin Skirt. The Molly Top pretty much immediately became a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe, which I talked about here. I even put the Erin Skirt in my 2018 Make Nine. But it took me a little bit longer to make the Erin skirt.

I suspected a denim skirt might be a perfect addition to my spring/summer wardrobe. (Let’s be real, the Bay area only has two seasons: sunny and warm/hot, and damp/mildly chilly). I hoped it would go with all my many Agnes tops and be an alternative to the neutral jeans and shorts I typically wear. Spoiler: it totally is. But it took me several weeks to fall in love with it.

I cut out the smallest size since I was using some Cone Mills S-gene denim, which has some stretch. The fit is almost perfect for me without any alterations. The only thing I did was to deepen the darts slightly and make them about an inch longer.

When I first made it, I immediately questioned my button choice. I thought the gold buttons made it look too nautical. I thought the front gaped at the hips between the buttons weirdly. The pockets are GREAT, but I just didn’t know if I LOVED it.

Enter: Me Made May. Damn this challenge made such a difference for me this year. Among other things (read more of my MMMay18 reflections here), after wearing this skirt for a whole day, I realized that I totally DO love it. The buttons are just fine and add a fun focal point, and that gaping is pretty mild most of the time, but can be fixed by sewing in a hook and eye (haven’t done that yet, but definitely will).

I did go back and sew the front button band together from the bottom up to the middle button. I found the under placket rubbed against my leg when I walk, and was really uncomfortable. That’s probably more due to the heavier fabric I used than the pattern though. In a lighter weight fabric, I bet it would lay just fine.

As worn during MMMay, when I realized this skirt is actually GREAT

This skirt is what I throw on with a t-shirt when I want to feel pulled together but still cool. It’s flattering, easy to wear and super versatile. This Erin skirt is definitely something I reach for when I have no idea of dress code of an event. (I have an actual, specific “oh shit, I have NO idea what’s appropriate and it could be anything from super casual to cocktail” outfit formula/styling tips, that I’ll share sometime this month)

I already have another cut out in a black and emerald zebra print, which I think will be a really fun step-above-neutral skirt.

Do you have any go-to “everything” outfits? You know, the one you default to when you have no idea what to wear?

5 Replies to “Sew Over It Erin Skirt: Why can’t I recognize love at first sight?”

  1. I love it! I actually bought the Wardrobe citytrip capsule e-book sometime ago, but the Erin skirt never called to me until recently. It’s definitely on my to-sew-list now 😀

    1. It’s definitely become a wardrobe staple. I was worried the button front wouldn’t be neutral enough, but that’s totally not been the case!

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