Autumn Dolman

Caroline from Blackbird fabrics is a terrible/amazing fabric enabler. She posted this crazy beautiful modal knit on her Instagram page a few weeks ago, and I somehow ordered a yard and a half practically without realizing it happened. (It’s sold out now, so I won’t torture you with a link) I’m claiming fabric blackout. I don’t think that’s really a thing, but it should be.

Anyway, this fabric arrived and I was shocked at how soft it is! It almost feels like a cashmere and drapes really nicely. I had no plans in mind when I ordered this (pretty much because I was operating from reptilian brain…), and when it arrived I knew I wanted to get as much wear out of it as possible. The fabric also has a ton of vertical stretch, and I worried it might not recover well, which ruled out anything with negative ease. A dolman sleeve top popped into my head, but I didn’t have the right pattern in my stash already, and wasn’t sure where to look. Plus, sometimes it feels like dolmans are designed for women with a larger bust (resulting in SO much batwing for us small chested people).

I can’t remember why I thought to look at the So Over It City Break ebook. I love the SOI style, but nothing has jumped out at me enough to purchase in the past. But looking at the patterns, the Molly Top was exactly what I was looking for. (Bonus: I LOVE the Erin skirt, and that’s definitely going in my fall sewing cue.) I cut a size 6 and made no adjustments other than to shorten the hem 3 inches. It felt a little more tunic-ey than I’d intended at the original length, and while I didn’t mind it, I knew it would get more wear if it was a bit shorter.

This was a really straightforward sew. I used my cover stitch for all the hems and this is the first make I’ve felt really good about the coverstitching. The black thread blends nicely, but still gives the stitching a little bit of a pop. I also ended up stitching the neckline down with a single needle chain stitch, instead of a double. This was mostly an amusing accident because I didn’t realize one of my threads had snapped until about halfway through, but I like the look so much I left it.

I worried about hemming a curved edge in such a drapey fabric. No one wants a puckery hem, and I didn’t want gathers on the inside to affect the way the hem sits. But a nice, steamy press helped the fabric shrink up and take the curve really nicely. It was almost like magic!

Overall I love this top and this fabric. AND, since Caroline couldn’t send my fabric in continuous piece, she sent my order in two pieces with a little extra. Now I have a whole yard and a third left! I’m thinking maybe a Seamwork Neenah dress if I can squeeze it out. I’m absolutely loving this autumn dolman addition to my fall wardrobe!

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