About Me

Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet! (Pronounced mee-AY-ko, in case you were curious. It’s my middle name, and rooted in my Japanese heritage).

So like 2 years ago, I had all of these grand ideas about starting a blog and then graduate school ate my WHOLE LIFE (edit: I’m done!!!). And here we are, two years later, actually getting my shit together. I suppose it’s not a terrible thing that I waited so long. For one, I’m sewing way more interesting things now, having moved on from “flat and rectangular” to “actually shaped like a human body.” (Baby steps, you know?). I enjoyed my time in the quilting world, and still make the occasional modern quilt, but am finding myself so much more lit up by garment sewing these days.

A little about me: I started sewing 3ish years ago, when my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I hadn’t even known I’d wanted a sewing machine, but it became my favorite creative outlet almost immediately. The boyfriend possibly has magical powers of gift giving (not a bad trait in a significant other, really). I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in Marin, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and love it here. I cohabitate with said magical gift-giving boyfriend and our amusingly intelligent white cat (who has, for cat hair visibility’s sake, slowly shifted my wardrobe from being primarily made up of blacks to greys).

When I’m not at my sewing machine, I’m an Educational Psychologist. Basically, I work in schools and am the person who does the neuropsychological testing to determine who qualifies for special education and what that plan might look like. I love love LOVE my job and feel lucky to get to know and hopefully impact all sorts of families, students and teachers.

Here is where I hope to share my finished and in-progress makes, and connect with the sewing community I’ve been so inspired by. For a long time I’ve followed a handful of sewing bloggers and thought how impressive they were. Then I abruptly realized the primary difference between me and the sewing bloggers I idolized is that they post their makes ON AN ACTUAL BLOG, instead of brief Instagram posts (though I’ll probably never give up my love for the ‘gram. #instaforeva). And then I thought “Well, maybe I could do that.” So here we are.