Summer Sewing Plans 2018

So I’m FINALLY finished with my master’s degree and off work for summer break! It’s been a bit quiet around here because of end of year/masters stuff. And I’m so grateful to be finished. I’m also so excited to be doing less of the long-distance-relationship thing with my sewing machines.

Unsurprisingly, I have a 7,389 things on my summer sewing list, because I feel like I have ALL. THE. TIME. (Spoiler: I have undoubtedly dramatically overestimated my free time). I’m hoping to make a big dent in my Make Nine list (I’ll do an update on my progress so far in a few weeks), as well as some much-needed basics and just-for-fun pieces.

First up: Suki Kimono

I have desperately needed a summer robe for quite some time now. I have a fabulous fancy spa robe (the ones with the waffle knit and terry cloth) that I wear when it’s cold. The boyfriend’s mother is a hell of a gift giver, let me tell you. And that thing is DELIGHTFUL. But I really need something different for when it’s eleventy-billion degrees outside and I can’t handle wearing real clothes around the house. I picked up this great rayon challis from Stone Mountain and Daughter and have it cut and ready to sew. I think I’m going to LIVE in this as soon as it’s finished.

Bonn Shirt

I don’t have a lot of great casual shirts that are a step up from t-shirts. This is definitely a big hole I noticed during Me Made May. I’m hoping that this shirt will become a favorite and fill that gap for me. I have a couple rayon prints picked out and prewashed.

Watson Bra and Vernazza Two Piece

I’ve had a soft bra kit chillin’ in my stash for like 6 months waiting for me to finally make up this bra. While I’m at it, I think I’ll try the new Vernazza suit, since I couldn’t resist some GORGEOUS swim fabric from Blackbird Fabrics a few weeks ago. I have no self control.

Selfless Sewing

The boyfriend is long overdue for a few button down shirts. I finally have the pattern mostly right and really need to just get on with it already. Also some tank tops for him. His rib knit tank tops he wears for training have almost no recovery so they’re really baggy after like 5 minutes of wear. Also in this category is another Kelly Anorak for my stupid-awesome supervisor who tries to steal mine every time I wear it.

Midway Bomber Jacket

I’ve had this on my list FOREVER (see here and here). But I finally picked up some rib knit and got a suitable lining fabric. So I should be all ready to go. Fingers crossed, because I’m pretty sure my life desperately needs this jacket.

Basic Tees and finishing projects

I noticed during Me Made May (reflections here) that I don’t have a ton of basic, solid t-shirts. This is a little bit of a problem since I love a good print, but totally refuse to print mix. So I’ll be sewing some basic t-shirts to round out my other pieces. I also have a couple of projects that are like 2 steps away from being finished, and I really need to just get my shit together and finish them (hello dress that needs hand stitching and a hem from 2 years ago…)

Further down my list are a few dresses, another Erin skirt (first one on the blog next week!), a couple hacked tie-back tanks and *fingers crossed* the Lander Pants. No idea if I’ll make it that far, or if my summer sewing plans will be derailed by queue jumpers (I’m looking at you Joni dress).  What’s on your summer sewing list?


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  1. You can do it, go go go! I find batching projects by color (no thread switching) or pattern (less instruction scrolling) really speeds things up…and then I quit doing that because I’m also using my hobby to fill empty time while *my* partner finishes his thesis, I don’t need to finish faster than him, ha! And CONGRATULATIONS on your master’s!

    1. Thank you! And BLESS you for supporting your partner through his thesis! I refused graduation gifts and directed people to bring gifts for my boyfriend, the real unsung hero of my masters, haha. He’s pretty excited to get to see me in the daylight, instead of the left side of my face, lit up by a dim laptop screen.

      Those are great tips! I’ve been trying to cut out a project every night, or at least every other. I find the cutting part is where I stall the most (especially on fiddly things like button downs). Also, I’ve already realized I forgot like 3 other things on my list. Face palm.

      1. Oh that is so kind! I’m sure he’s very proud and happy (my guy is about 2 months out from finishing – just got a defense date! – and I feel like that already, I’m sure it’s even more so when you’re done!). I love a nice long to-sew list – lots to look forward to, and yeah, lots to forget, eep. I’ve had a white button-down on my list for…3 years now?

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