Fall Sewing Plans

I have some big Fall sewing plans. We will see if I can actually get to them all. I want to try my hand at some more outerwear projects, and I definitely need some staple work wardrobe pieces.

First up, I think I’m the last person on the planet to make a Kelly Anorak coat. I haven’t felt brave enough to tackle such a big project until now. I love the one Lladybird made, and I desperately want my own, in exactly the same fabric. I’m hoping it will be a good damp weather coat, as I’m a little hesitant to wear my leather jacket out when it’s wet. Living in California, this is probably the only real winter coat I’ll need. I bought one of Closet Case Files’ hardware kits a few months ago, and man was that a good call. Sourcing all that hardware and supplies would have been such a pain! Now I just have to put on my big girls pants and sew it up!! (Update: I finished this! Check it out here)


Next up, the Camden Cape from Seamwork Magazine. I remember seeing a photo of a super glamtorous and chic cape on Pinterest, and falling in love. This pattern has a narrower bell shape than many I’ve seen, which is what drew me. I’m thinking I would love this in a beautiful emerald green wool. I ordered some fabric swatches from Mood, but haven’t decided on a fabric yet. The top green is a beautiful color, but the grey plaid is pretty fabulous too…

Recently I bought some fabric on a whim from the fashion fabrics club. When this sweater knit arrived, it was significantly more sheer than I anticipated. Definitely not suitable for an Agnes tee or turtleneck like I had in mind. I left this sitting on my sewing table, and wandered around it for a few days before I hatched a plan. If I underline it with some black Ponte from my stash, it might be a pretty cool bomber jacket. I’ve downloaded the Midway bomber from Greentsyle Creation for the slimmer fit and that it’s designed for knit fabrics. Fingers crossed it turns out as cool as it is in my head.



Burgundy is one of the colors in my newly formulated wardrobe color palette. I read The Curated Closet last year and put together a wardrobe color story (olive green, emerald green, burgundy, sapphire blue, grey, black and white). A burgundy Blackwood cardigan with black faux leather sleeves might end up looking really cool, but still simple enough to go with lots of things in my closet. (Update: I finished this! Check it out here)


I have been meaning to make the Significant Other some button downs FOREVER. He’s tall (6’3) and slim, with these amusingly long arms. (When we go dancing, I have to shout at him “T -REX ARMS!!” otherwise he’ll bowl me into everyone) He exclusively wears jeans and tailored button downs. And since he’s so long and narrow, he ends up having to buy large or xl shirts so they fit in the arms, and then takes them to get tailored. Since I have recently discovered a love of making button downs, this seems like a problem I could solve. The Fairfield Button Up from Thread Theory checks all the boxes for a basic men’s button down. I’m thinking I’ll start with some solid color ones first, before I get all crazy with prints. Have to ease him in to the wonders of prints I think.

On the more boring side, I could really use a couple long sleeved tees in white, black, grey and a black and white stripe. I prefer to make these myself since I know I can get the fit just right, the material can be nicer quality, and I can top stitch the neckline down so the seam allowance doesn’t flip up and drive me insane all day (does that make anyone else crazy? Just me?). As always, my go-to, ride or die TNT is the Agnes tee.

At this point, as the weather changes, I’m realizing that I mostly wear some version of pants and a tshirt. So I’m hoping that adding some more interesting outerwear will help me dress up my fall uniform. I’m also going to try layering my beloved summer pieces to see if I can transition some of them to fall weather appropriate. I’ll let you know how that goes!

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