2017 Sewing Top 5: Misses

Alright, time for the juicy bits: the flops of the year. In case you missed it, you can find my favorite makes of 2017 here.

Simple Shell Top

Not sure what to say about this top. I hoped it would become a staple pattern for me. I would love to have a great woven tank pattern. But alas, ’twas not meant to be. This pattern fit weirdly around the bust and hips and was just really unflattering. I know with some tinkering I could probably get this pattern fitting right, but I’m not really inspired to. I pretty much immediately tossed this out.

Moxi shorts and Sierra bra

This was my first foray into swim fabric, and it’s SO close to being great. I used the Sierra bra and the green style moxi shorts patterns. Both of these need some small alterations and I just don’t reach for them. The built in briefs on the moxis are weirdly cut and didn’t seem to work for me. I’d also like to shave a bit off the side seam where it attaches to the front, so it lays a little closer to my body at the top of my leg (instead of taking a dart out). And I put the elastic in a little too tight around the neck of the sierra bra, so it pulls on my neck a little more than is comfortable for long periods of time.

I don’t count these as complete failures though, because I feel like I learned so much. Iam super ready to tackle more swimsuits this year, especially since I bought a coverstitch this summer!

Pattern Test Dress

Oh this dress. I only even finished it to fulfill a pattern testing obligation and then promptly chucked it in the bin. Poor fabric choice and a pattern that didn’t suit my style. The double gauze was a shifty bitch to cut, and more sheer than I expected, so I self lined it. I actually enjoyed sewing the curved bodice front, but when I put it on, it was just horrible on me. Something about the cut and color was just so terribly 80s (and not in a fun, nostalgic way, more in an “oh my god why were there shoulder pads in everything” kind of way).

I think the actual pattern is cute, and my gripes aren’t about the pattern (which is why I haven’t named it here). But I’ve learned my lesson in agreeing to test patterns that aren’t really my style. I don’t care for loose fitting dresses (or anything really) and I should have stuck with what I know I like to wear.

Zadie Dress

I had so much fun sewing this dress, and I thought I would love wearing it just as much. Somehow, though, I never reach for this. I think part of it is the color blocking choice on the bodice, and the princess seams both combine to make me feel broad and flat across my chest. According to my sewing friends on Instagram, this is all in my head, which I completely believe. Nevertheless, I don’t feel fabulous in this dress. I also think I need to take it in around the waist, but with the side panel construction, I’m not quite sure how. I might take a go at it, or maybe I’ll try and find a happier home for it. (if you’re size xs/s and interested in giving this dress the love she deserves, leave a message in the comments!).

Blue Striped Mesa Dress

This was a classic fabric/pattern mismatch. While I actually quite like the look of the dress, it’s a very thin, stretch French terry material that shows basically every bump and lump. My body and I are on pretty friendly terms nearly all the time (though it’s current foray into lactose intolerance is making me cry. Is this what 30 is?!), but I only reach for this dress when I’m feeling really cut. It also requires very specific undergarments to not show extra lines or create bumps. I mean, not a total fail, but not quite as versatile as I’d imagined. Lesson learned: thinner fabric goes with flowier patterns, thicker fabric with structured, slim fit patterns.

Other, undocumented, fails include:

– the robe that was so weirdly drafted it wouldn’t even close in the front. Lesson learned: do not use unvetted Pinterest tutorials, no matter what well-known sewing personality made them. Just buy a pattern.

– the Hollyburn out of a pretty grey suiting fabric, that I thought would become a work staple, but I’ve never worn.

– a seamwork York top that I abandoned because, again, I don’t care for boxy fit things and I can’t seem to remember that.

All in all, this was a really incredible year for my sewing skills. I started the year just barely getting comfortable making t-shirts and ended it with two Anorak Jackets, complete with all kinds of snaps and complex construction! (The second was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend’s sister). Failures are a part of learning, and even though they’re damn discouraging sometimes, when I look at the ratio of clothes I made and LOVED, I’m calling this year a major win.

Now onto planning my 2018 Make Nine!

If I don’t get myself together to post my make nine by tomorrow (#doubtit #toomuchnetflix), then happiest of New Years to all of you.

When I started this little blog in August, I didn’t think anyone woul read it or care. And I am so touched by all the support and friendships I’ve made here already. Never have I been so thrilled to be wrong. So this year, may your seam ripper rest easy, and may you always have exactly the amount of fabric you need. Love and light to all of you beautiful, exceptional people. <3

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