A Fancy Sweatshirt: Seamwork Astoria

I’m not really one for following trends. It’s a bit too exhausting and I seriously lack the fashion sense to keep up even if I wanted to. But if there’s one trend I can get behind these days, it’s the fancy sweatshirt. I mean, who wouldn’t love a business casual sweatshirt?! Monsters that’s who. And you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Team #secretpajamas fo eva (I’m sorry, I’m done. I’ll stop now).

I have been wanting to try the Seamwork Astoria sweater for a while, but it kept falling off the list. You know how that goes. And then I was in Britex Fabrics getting wool for this cape, and came across a yard of this fabulous flamingo French terry in the remnants bin.


Since I had so little of the fabric, I thought the Seamwork Astoria would be perfect. I sewed up a straight size S, but I pretty heavily modified the sleeve and armscye. Seamwork/Colette patterns are pretty notorious for drafting for wider shoulders, and every version I’ve seen had a lot of extra fabric around the armscye. When I looked at the pattern pieces, the sleeve head seemed really flat. I compared it to my TNT Agnes Tee pattern, and copied the sleeve head and armscye from that. Mostly I ended up taking out quite a bit of fabric at the front arm and curved the sleeve head a lot. While I was doing all that, I did a slight forward shoulder adjustment too.

All of that modification was totally worth it, because this fit is so perfect now! I love how this shirt is just the right amount of slouchy, but the cropped length still defines the waist. In future versions, I probably won’t cut the waist band on an angle. I find I don’t really need that little flare. This fabric doesn’t have great recovery, which is probably contributing to the waistband bubbles. But I actually don’t mind them (surprising given my sewing perfectionism).

I’m loving this over a tank top and jeans, but I’m also excited to try it over a high waisted pencil skirt, or over a collared button down. I feel like it’s going to be a surprisingly versatile wardrobe piece.

I really didn’t expect to like pattern or fabric as much as I do. And I can definitely see a need for another Seamwork Astoria or two. They’re just right for throwing on to go to exercise class, or to feel pulled together, but still comfy when I can’t decide on what to wear to work. Which is every single morning. And now, because the lighting was so nice, here’s a few more photos of my surprising new wardrobe staple.



2 Replies to “A Fancy Sweatshirt: Seamwork Astoria”

  1. It’s looks fab, I love the Astoria and have made 4 now! I also amended the armscye and added a bit of length, it was just too short! Love the fact that you need only 1m of fabric, a cheap make when you find a remnant!

    1. I imagine almost everyone will need to add length! I’m 5’3 and it was just right on me! And YES it’s such a great stash buster!! I’m going to go diving in all the remnant bins now ?

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