Pattern testing: Brasov Wrap Top

Whenever Kennis of Itch to Stitch designs posts a tester call, I practically trip over myself to respond. I love her style, and feel so lucky that there’s an awesome pattern designer out there whose design aesthetic matches my own. I know I can always count on her patterns to be flattering, well fit, and perfectly proportioned for small frames like mine. The Brasov Top for sure fits that bill.

A few people I follow on Instagram have mentioned the Fashion Fabrics Club, and I was curious to try them out. I mean, how can you say no to $3 a yard rib knit?! AND (while I was totally prepared for the quality to be terrible) the fabric turned out better than I expected!

For this top, I cut a size 00 (my measurements are 32/25.5/36). Even though I loved this fabric, it was a shifty bitch to cut. I definitely had to recut one of the front pieces after realizing it was all kinds of wonky. Furthermore, my machines kind of hated this fabric and skipped stitches all over the place. After probably a half hour fiddling with the settings on my coverstitch and serger, I got things mostly working. It’s not my prettiest work on the inside, but oh well.

I took in about a half inch from the bodice above the wrap, down through the arms on both sides. I often have to slim this part on patterns (maybe I have a high armpit? Is that a thing?). Combine that with the super stretchy fabric and I had some serious bat wings. I don’t think I’ll need to make this change for my next one, but I’ll let you know. I might narrow the shoulder on the next one too, but I kind of like the slight drop shoulder look of this one.

My only complaint about the pattern is that because of the overlap, you have to start and stop hemming. Since my coverstitch hated this fabric, and I’m still learning on that machine, my hem is a little ugly. I think when I get better with the cover stitch this won’t be a problem, but now I feel a little like a uncoordinated giraffe on that thing.

Overall, this is the perfect autumn work top. I love the soft pleats and the neckline. And it even keeps the back of my neck warm! TNT fall pattern in the making for sure.

Do you have any go-to patterns for when the weather gets colder? (And by “colder” this California girl means like, 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit ?)

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  1. Hi Kendra, welcome to the blogosphere!! The colour you chose for this top is gorgeous on you. It’s been fun to read more about you, and I’ll look forward to connecting more in the weeks and months ahead đŸ™‚

    1. Helen! Thank you so much! I’m pretty excited to join this crazy-wonderful community! I feel like I’ve gotten so much joy out of lurking on other peoples blogs, it was maybe time for me to pay it forward ?

  2. Kendra, this is so lovely on you! It is a perfect color for you, and who cares what the inside looks like when it looks this good on the outside. You need a follow button, girl!

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