A Trio of Avery leggings

What did I tell you about my habit of sewing knits in threes? This time, I tackled the new Avery Leggings by Helen’s Closet. Normally I like my leggings to have a pocket on the outer mid thigh to tuck my phone in while I’m wearing a climbing harness. I know that’s a weird preference, but I spend a lot of time up at the ropes course in the summer, and it’s helpful to have a pocket there. But holy moly. I didn’t even know how much I needed this pattern until I made it.

The Avery leggings are a pretty standard leggings pattern with a gusset, waist elastic, and length and waist band options. And it turns out, they are my perfect barre leggings! I do to the Dailey Method probably between 2-5 times a week and I practically live in leggings at home.

All of the fabric is from Blackbird Fabrics. At one point years ago, when I was still teaching yoga, I realized all my workout leggings were black or gray and could not handle how unbearably boring that felt all of a sudden. Now when I add new leggings to my wardrobe, I try to grab colored ones to balance out all the neutrals.

Amusingly, I’m pretty sure I’ve sewn every pair with the wrong side out, but I actually kind of like it. The space dyed pairs (fabric here and here) are more black on the backside, which I prefer. And I honestly have no idea which side of the peach skin is the right side, but I liked the contrast on this side.

I did a test fit and found that I needed to lower the rise by about 1 inch. After making the first two pairs, I took another half inch from just the front rise. I sewed a small at the waist and hips, tapering to an xs at the ankles. For future versions I’ll just cut the straight size small, maybe grading to a medium at the hip. I didn’t insert any elastic (partially because I didn’t want to switch from my serger to my sewing machine) and because the length of elastic that felt comfortable was actually bigger than the waistband. I haven’t gone for a run in these (because let’s be real, I only like to pretend I run), but I’m pretty confident they’ll stay up.

These use so little fabric, I can squeeze out two pairs from a yard and a half of 60″! I LOVE that I can get fancy, expensive quality workout leggings for about $10 a piece. And they’re SO FAST. From cuting to final hems, it takes me maybe an hour. AN HOUR. These are like a sewing after dinner mint. And I see so many more Avery leggings in my future. Plus, wearing new leggings is great motivation to get to class!

Have you tried out the Averys yet? Are there another activewear patterns I should try?


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  1. Hi Kendra, so good to find your blog!
    Wondering which version you made , View A or B, and any tips on length. Nice photos and fitting tips! Thank you.

    1. Thank you! The purple and bright blue are both version A (with the rise adjustments I noted) the navy version is with the high waist. I’m 5’3, so I only did the regular length legs and I can’t remember if I shortened at the hem. For my next pair, I think I’m going to make the extra long so they can go over my heels during barre class 🙂

  2. Hey Kendra, I just found your blog while looking for what people were doing with the Averys and how they were finding them. I just had to say I laughed out loud when you said they are the ‘sewing after-dinner mint’ – you’ve convinced me to give them a go even as a (confident) beginner! Did you make smalls and grade the pattern at the hip in the end? If you did, were the results good?

    1. Oh man, they’re so good. I’ve made at least 15 pairs of them at this point (some for other people too!). These days I tend to go with a straight size medium, but I usually use the small back waistband piece for a snugger fit there. I pretty much never do the elastic insertion. I also usually lower the front rise by about 2 inches and the back rise a half inch (I’m 5’3). But play around, you’ll find your fit adjustments after the first one or two and then you’ll be able to pop them out so fast! I still wear the ones in this post, though they’re a bit snug for me now. Good luck! Can’t wait to see them!

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